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To our valued Septic System Service customers….

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  I would not recommend this company to anyone in any situation.   I called them for my septic tank pumping, it was nearly an emergency situation, as my tank had never been pumped the 15 years I have been here, but after looking at the King County website, I knew which questions to ask before even having them come out.   So I called them, and it seems like no matter the time of day, not one septic company in 20 miles of my home answers the phone.  And I called at least 15 different ones. Anyway, Lilly's called me and I wanted the best price, but also the fastest service, as my water would not drain from the shower, or the toilet wouldn't flush, so it was not fun.  But the county site had all of the questions you need to ask before so it's not a surprise later, I asked if the system has not been maintained is the price still the same, and every time, every company I did talk to was the same, up to the first thousand gallons, so lily's quoted me a price of $450, as long as the lid he needed access to wasn't buried and there was no digging, so I thought I had the right lid uncovered but the first time he came out he marked where the correct lid would be and left.  I got home, saw where he had marked and dug out the correct lid, which, come to find out, there are actually two and an access lid for the incoming baffle as well, so, the one I dug out wasn't going to be enough anyway.  Anyway, he came out a second time, and I was at work for every time he came out, so I wasn't able to have a face to face conversation with him, it was all through his receptionist.  Anyway, I received a message at work stating that he opened the lid, it was full to the top and solid, it was to the point of where most people abandon them and get a new tank, there was garbage in it and he needed $1000 to pump it.  Well, I'm not able to answer my phone while at work and couldn't answer my phone right away, but I received another message shortly after the first stating he was there, and willing to do it, but needed the go ahead from me first.  I'm actually very thankful that I couldn't answer those first two calls, because in that situation, with nothing working correctly, two kids, and feeling very upset about it to begin with, I may have just told them to do it, since he was there, ready to go, and my septic tank needed to be pumped, badly,  sooner rather than later.  But, that didn't happen, by the time I had gotten the messages, he had already left.  But, as soon as I got home, I once again got on the phone calling other places.   Thankfully, one of them answered, and I told her my situation, explained that another guy (Lillys) had come out twice and I hadn't gotten anything more than the location of one of the lids from him, and a run around, my toilet wouldn't flush, my shower wouldn't drain, I was in a bind, oh, and the other guy quoted one price, then jacked it to the moon after opening the tank.  Jaime's Septic Services are the people to call, not Lily's.  Lily's will quote one thing and then double that and completely jack you around for a week or two first if they can.  Jaime's sent someone out that night, yes, THAT NIGHT!  To see if he could at least get some water moving for us, he wasn't able to, but made my appointment for the next Monday, which was still two days away, but if it was actually pumped then, I was OK with a couple more days, I was happy that he tried on such short notice, and that it wouldn't be a week or two longer.  They showed up Monday, they were there when I got home, I almost cried when I saw that big truck there, I was so thankful, I paid in cash, got a little break on the price for that and he stuck to his word and the quoted price and it was under $500.  Even when it was "full from top to bottom and solid."  Which, wasn't exactly completely true when I asked about the condition of my tank, there wasn't any garbage, and it wasn't completely solid, full, yes, solid, no.  So I think the Lilly's guy was just trying to gouge me for more money and made it sound as scary and as awful as possible.  And Jaime also told me how often I should get it pumped and has me on a reminder list for the next time.   So, much, much, MUCH better than Lilly's.

thumb Rachel K.

  We've used Lilly since 2008 for 3 septic pumping visits overall. Very courteous and professional!  Always providing simple tips for us to maintain our system. We had no idea Darren was the owner (no need to)!  He's been at all 3 visits. What a nice man! My wife and I highly recommend them!!!

thumb James B.

  From my first conversation with Courtney, to working with Darren, what a fantastic experience.  After some serious gut aches over a company saying they could not pump my 86 year olds mom house or do the repairs to sale her home, I read reviews for Lilly's Septic and thought they could help.  Darren is a  Rock Star in the septic business and came in pumped the tank and made the repairs without even blinking.  The guy knows his stuff! Courtney returned calls promptly and really expedited the job.  I can't say enough good things about Lilly's Septic.  Thanks again Courtney and Darren.

thumb Julie S.

  I called Lilly's because my alarm went off and the person there told me that that they could come out on Monday and check it out and check the board and Floats and if I wanted to instead of paying 190 charge for coming out I could pay 440 and get my tank pumped as well.  The guy came out and was really nice and pumped my tank and told me right away that it was probably an electircal problem after checking the main board and would need an Electrician which they refered me to without checking the floats.  I have a problem because it was implied that they would fix my problem and at the same time pump my tank, all they did was pump my tank and refer me to someone else...  I then called to explain what happend and the owner got on the phone and was rude and talked over me the whole time trying to talk away the problem that I brought up.  The common person does not know that they do not have a person on staff who comes to your house to finish the job they started and talking over the customer doesn't fix that.  Be aware that they are not a Full Service Septic place.

thumb Orlando C.

  Big THANKS to Courtney, Darren and his wife for expediting, my need for a replacement company to pump, stress test, and as-built on such short notice. I was left hanging literally, by Aqua Test on Friday, when their guy I had scheduled, bailed on me a half hour after getting here. Left his shovel and poke bar behind.  Their secretary called me and told me they would not be able to do the job.  Lilly's stepped up to the plate and got it all done in 30 minutes! Now we can close on my sale and get into our new home! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You guys ROCK!!

thumb Y Y.

  I was very pleased with the service provided by Lilly's. As a buyer of a new house I was forced to pay for the pumping, inspection, and as built on our new house because the seller refused. Lilly's was very understanding and did everything they could to make the process easy for me. The guys showed up on time even though they got lost and got straight to work. They dug fast and located my septic lid easily. They did all the work and didn't mind explaining all the processes to me. This is my first septic system. They gave me tips on how to keep things operating correctly and were very helpful in general. When our lender needed to confirm the amount paid they responded timely so my closing wouldn't be delayed. They credit card charge made the actual charge different than the invoice and if you have ever dealt with an FHA loan you will know that all numbers have to match exactly. They wrote a letter of explanation and sent a revised invoice with no problem. I will definitely be calling Lilly's for all my future septic needs.

thumb Jessica B.

  Everyone I've come into contact with at Lilly's has been great!  The girl who answers the phone every time I call is very nice and really knowledgable about septic systems.  On several occasions with the alarms going off on our whitewater system she was able to give helpful information about how to open up the tank lids and identfity the problem myself - sounds gross but I am glad to have learned so much about what's going on down there beneath the back yard.  She could just have easily scheduled an unneccesary and expensive house call.  We've used them twice now for pumping the tank and the drivers were also nice and very cheerful!  Highly recommended.

thumb Christy C.

  I needed my septic tank pumped so I gave Lilly's a call.  They were very nice and helpful on the phone, and even offered to send me an email of the county records where my septic tank was.  The email never came through but I appreciated the offer.  The guys came to my house when they said they would and pumped the tank.  They were super-friendly and fast.  I paid with a credit card, but it was not mentioned to me that this would add a 2.5% extra charge to the bill, so I paid $10 more than I was quoted.  When I called about it later, I was directed to the fine print on the bill which I suppose I should have gone over myself before signing, but I would have appreciated a mention about the extra charge, as I would have otherwise paid by check.  Removing that surcharge when I called and following through with the septic tank diagram would have earned Lilly's five stars.

thumb Jason K.