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  • Home Septic Inspection

    Selling your home? We can inspect your system to get the most out of your home.

  • Locating and Digging

    Our expert technicians can locate & dig the Septic Tank lids for an additional fee.

  • Septic System Pumping

    Septic Tank Pumping on a regular schedule will improve your system’s efficiency and keep it running smoothly.

Welcome To Lilly’s Septic Tank Pumping Services Website!

If you are looking for first-class Septic Tank Pumping Service, you have come to the right place! We aim to be friendly and approachable.

We are here to serve all of your Septic System needs and answer any questions you may have.,

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We put our customers first. We listen to you and help you find answers to all of your Septic questions. Give us a call, we are here to help solve all of your Septic System concerns.

We are the only Septic Tank Pumping Company in the Northwest who can perform any and all of your Septic service needed.  We are licensed as a Professional Septic Tank Pumping Firm, Professional Operation and Maintenance certified Sale Inspection Firm, Certified Master Installer for all of your repairs and septic Installations, Maintenance Professional and have an in-house Professional Engineer Septic System Designer. Our Staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of your Septic System.  We have been proudly serving homeowners in the Northwest since 1978.  We are family owned and operated and consider each and every customer as part of the Lilly’s Family!

You can count on Lilly’s Septic Tank Pumping and Inspections for:

Lilly’s Septic Service, provides quality environmentally conscious expert Septic Tank Pumping & Septic System Installation services to residential and commercial clients in King & Pierce Counties.

We proudly provide the best customer service in the industry!  Since 1978, Lilly’s Septic Services has provided its clients with quality, expert and thorough service. Based in King County, Lilly’s handles both residential and commercial jobs ranging from Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning, Locating and Digging Septic Tank lids, Emergency Repairs, Septic Pump Alarm Calls, Pump Replacements, Septic and Drainfield Troubleshooting and specialize in New Septic System Installations and Upgrades.

As an environmentally conscious company, Lilly’s Septic Service guarantees satisfaction. Our company is a member of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) and the Washington Onsite Sewage Association (WOSSA).

Darren McCullough, Owner and Operator is a Certified Septic System Professional and a Certified Master Installer in King, Pierce, Snohomish & Kittitas Counties.

Thank you for stopping by our website! I’m sure you will find an abundance of helpful information and resources here for you Septic System Needs. If you have questions and/or would like to book an appointment for Septic Services give us a call.

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